Both online and physical tickets

We are looking forward to a splendid IAME conference from 25 till 27 November! However, this year's organization brings quite some challenges:

  • Our Erasmus University campus is not available for conferences due to Covid-19, forcing us to book a venue externally, which is a very nice and attractive one but comes with some restrictions in space and also limited cancellation options.
  • Governmental restrictions are changing, but still there and different in each country, leaving us all still with uncertainty.

We acknowledge that during these uncertain times, it is difficult for delegates to decide how to experience this year's Conference – whether to join us in person or attend virtually online. 

Thus, for us to be able to make the proper arrangements and for you to guarantee your place in Rotterdam while keeping some flexibility, we propose the following dynamic registration process:  

  • Registration for the IAME 2021 in Rotterdam is open.
  • If you register for physical attendance now, but due to enforced Covid-19 measurements you will finally not be able to attend the Conference in Rotterdam, you can - up to November 10 - still switch to attending online, for which you get a refund on the price difference.

We hope that these flexible registration possibilities provide our community with reassurance and convenience, but if you do have any inquiries or concerns then please do not hesitate to e-mail us via

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