Best paper awards

KLU Young Researcher Best Paper Award
The Young Researcher Best Paper Award is sponsored by the Kühne Logistics University and is awarded to the paper with the highest review score obtained in the review process and whose main author is not older than 35. The award is a symbol of the effort that the KLU places on fostering emerging talents in maritime logistics. The award is accompanied by a financial reward of € 400.

The award went to Lucie Letrouit, David Guerrero and Carlos Pais-Montes. The title of this award winning paper was: The impact of Covid-19 on maritime transportation: an analysis through the prism of complex networks. Download the paper here: IAME2021 KLU Best Paper .pdf

Maritime Economics & Logistics-Palgrave-MacMillan-Springer Best Paper Award
Following the good tradition with IAME conferences, MEL-Palgrave Macmillan-Springer is awarding a £120 Prize to the Best Conference Paper of IAME2021. The winning paper will be published in MEL (Maritime Economics and Logistics), with earliest publication in the first issue of 2022 (February) or anytime soonest after review process. Nominees will have to confirm, prior to the award, that they have not already submitted their paper to another journal.

This award went to Coen van Battum (primary author), Bilge Atasoy, Bart Wiegmans, Lori Tavasszy, Arjen de Waal and Erwin van Wingerden. The title of this award winning paper was: Performance improvement of maritime container terminals through the bottleneck mitigation cycle. Download the paper here: IAME2021 MEL Best Paper.pdf

Maritime Policy & Management Best Paper Award
Maritime Policy & Management is a multi-disciplinary journal that brings together diverse and different topics that concern the maritime industry. There is a blend of manuscripts based on industry experience, expert analysis and research findings. This award went to Michael Prehn and Federico Jensen. The title of this paper is: Hard liners vs. laggards, understanding IMO's role in accelerating the climate transition: the case of the IMO's MEPC 75 meeting. Download the paper here: IAME2021 MPM Best Paper.pdf

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