Covid-19 measures on site

Covid-19 measures on site
From 25 September onwards, almost all Covid-19 measures in The Netherlands will be relaxed, and the situation will be more familiar to pre-pandemic times. Please take responsibility for all of the following and respect each other. For some people, it is quite something to gather in our buildings again without the 1.5 metres, and without a face mask. Please respect another, when someone asks for space, keep your distance to the other person. 

It is important to state that anyone attending the congress in Rotterdam should revisit all government/ institutional sites (origin country as well as The Netherlands) to be updated on the most recent measures in place to travel. IAME will post the latest updates available, however it is your individual responsibility to remain updated on the necessary measures to adopt to travel safely according to regulations.

Upon entrance of the conference venue
A COVID certificate is required when entering the conference venue. Please find more information in this document: IAME 2021 Covid measures.pdf

Inside the conference venue
No face mask
From 25 September onwards, the use of face masks within buildings is no longer necessary. If you still feel more comfortable with a face mask on, you may, of course, continue to wear it. Please bear in mind that in public transport (tram, subway and train), a face mask is required. 

No maximum group size
From 25 September onwards, the maximum number of people meeting in one room will no longer apply.

We observe hygiene measures
Even after 25 September, disinfect your hands upon entry, and wash your hands regularly. Sneeze in your elbow.

As we still live in uncertain times, and are subject to government measures, this webpage is updated frequently. The last update was on the 20th of September 2021.